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happy babydays®

happy babydays® – is a brand of clothing, accessories, and toys for your little one, designed for every day filled with heartwarming smiles, tender and pure gazes, captivating discoveries, and bold achievements. After all, each new day holds immense significance for both the child and their parents. Every item in the happy babydays® collection is crafted with the aim of preserving and supporting the natural curiosity of the baby to explore the world. It helps them grow up healthy and fosters an unending curiosity for life.

happy babydays®


We contribute to the development of a child's world during the early stages of their growth by introducing them to the pleasant sensations of the world through high-quality materials, modern design, and delightful tactile experiences.

Our goal is to constantly improve, striking a balance between modern trends, practicality, and the quality of carefully selected materials when creating collections for happy babydays®.

Our vision is that a person's intelligence begins to flourish during the early stages of their development, and the surrounding world is shaped by the habits formed in early childhood. In the first year of life, a child encounters a new world and quickly learns to balance and first steps. Gradually, they also acquire speech and lay the foundation for cognitive thinking. Our desire to assist them by providing everything they need, as keen observers, drives us in creating models for each collection.

We have confidence in our abilities and in the rightness of what we do. We are ready every day to overcome any obstacles in solving the most challenging tasks for the development of our business. This confidence is based on our potential and achievements. We want every baby on Earth to be growing in love, warmth, and coziness.


A child fully immerses themselves in the surrounding world - innocent, observant, and sensitive. All their organs are still developing, and their sensory perception and impressions greatly influence and nourish them. That is why we exclusively use natural fabrics in the production of happy babydays®:

100% cotton with colorful accents,
100% organic cotton fabric,
100% organic cotton flannel.


We strong believe in the formula of foundation + form = perfection. Once we understand the needs of a child and choose the most suitable material for creating a clothing item, we seek inspiration to find a modern, fitting, and stylish design for it. The artwork of Alexandra and the talent of our designers are an integral part of this wonderful inspiration.


Our product wouldn't be complete if we didn't take comfort into consideration, both for parents and children. From breathability and gentle touch, to ease of use and durability.


All of our products are conceived with love, tenderness, and care. They adhere to the highest standards of quality and are produced under constant creative supervision.


We organize groups of experts in natural childbirth, nannies (moms for a day), nurses, and breastfeeding consultants to test and improve our products. Their insights and experiences are key to the creation of most of our items. All happy babydays® products successfully pass the most demanding test: being used and loved by both babies and equally happy mothers like you.


We are in love with the Mediterranean, cosmopolitan, and fresh spirit of our city. Our products are designed and created by the talented designers from the sunny city of Barcelona and have become available to caring parents all around the world.

happy babydays® STEP BY STEP

It all began with the birth of our daughter Alexandra. By that time, we had moved from Russia to the USA. And of course, being a young mother, I was particularly fond of the things for the newborn, I made an independent search for such clothes and accessories that were necessary for my daughter to grow up properly, that would help her to be healthy. Her movements, daily accomplishments and our pace of life put a lot of questions in front of me, such as how to buy clothes for her and how to accompany her in her development. The need to comply with her real needs was the core of this project and brought us here today.

Soon we received a great opportunity, both on a personal and on a professional level: we became distributors of Babyvision in Russia, a clothing brand for newborns, which was a success in the United States and was managed by a charming family, devoted to children with all their hearts.

When we came to Russia, the idea of creation of our own clothing brand appeared for two reasons: firstly, because Russian mothers needed more warm children's clothing, as well as a wide range of items for sleeping and diapering; and secondly, it also became my personal desire, because when my daughter Alexandra became 5 years old, she started to draw wonderfully. Her innocence, purity, incredible love for everything around her, trust in the world and her infinite curiosity filled her drawings with charm and kindness. She created landscapes full of tenderness, animals, images, sometimes just bows. My heart told me that I had to convey this love manifested in her drawings to the children of the world and to help them to grow day by day.

That’s how happy babydays® appeared. When we moved and started to live near Barcelona, we met with a group of designers, who were also parents, like us, who immediately imbued with love for the magical world of Alexandra, and together we began to create collections for newborns, based on the characters of her stories and on deep knowledge of the true needs of a child at every stage of development.

Основательница бренда детской одежды happy babydays - Мария Держинская

Mariia Derzhinskaia, founder of the project and creative mind behind happy babydays®